About Me

About Me

Welcome to Two Chicks In The Midwest. My name is Jessica lives in small town Iowa. I am wanting to share my thoughts and journey into the fashion, beauty, travel, and more world. Like most of you I have super busy life, between working full time and other projects, I want to share my life tips. Like most of you I am on a budget, so I would like to share how I get great products for less. Below is some more information about me.

I have always loved fashion, starting with my true love shoes. As I always say you can never have too many shoes. Following fashion trend are fun but I also likes to do my own thing when it comes to clothes and accessories. I love fashion all while on a budget.  As well as my love for fashion and beauty, I have a love for travel as well. I also have an adorable dog named Bandit, he is a Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle mix. Who I love dressing up to, so you will articles on dog fashion as well.

So stay tuned to see posts about: fashion, beauty, trave, and more.


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